“Our reach goes far beyond the political world.”

is a female founded tightly knit boutique media group that produces the highest quality videos, both cinematic and rapid response. We provide strategy planning to launch these videos and monetize opportunity stemming from them. With our Academy Award and Emmy winning team, we work to bring our clients’ visions to life.

complements these videos with targeted media ad buy and social media strategy to echo the message across every possible sounding board.

hones its messaging specially to particular voter groups, most successfully with women voters as evidenced during the 2020 Presidential Election by the critically acclaimed ads GIRL IN THE MIRROR, DAUGHTERS and YOUR BOYS. The ad, American Men, was particularly successful in targeting men who had voted for Trump in 2016, yet hadn’t experienced the changes they had expected from the vote – it allowed them to accept they had made a wrong choice without shame.

extends its reach far beyond the political playing field to the real-life gridiron. Shuster brings her decades of experience in sports broadcast to offer our proven content style and development to athletes looking to broaden their social activism scope and reach. We understand what people want to see and hear. We know the psyche of a pro athlete. Together, we craft the content to bring their vision to life.